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Publisert den 15. august, 2015 | av Kristian Haraldsen


Kid Astray takes over Samfunnet



By the grace of some benevolent force, the startup of August block here in Ås was complimented by uncharacteristically warm and sunny temperatures. In the spirit of such positive vibes and community fostered by the weather, the second week of classes was brought to a close with an exciting, upbeat indie-alternative performance in Festsalen by Kid Astray, a band from Sandvika quickly growing in popularity and success.

As a newly arrived international student I must admit I had never heard of the group before the announcement of their concert and I spent some time getting to know their music beforehand to try and get a taste of what I was in for. However, checking them out on Spotify was in no way comparable to the experience of their sound live.

Leading up to the performance the energy in Festsalen was dispersed and low, but the moment that the indie-alternative fusion of synthesizers and guitar took over the room, students ran in to crowd the stage and show their support. The audience took no time at all in warming up to the sound. A perhaps surprising amount of students even knew all the words, chiming in enthusiastically when the band took a break in their singing and held the mic out to the audience. Colorful strobe lights filtered through smoke and washed over the room during their pulsing performances, adding somewhat of a gritty edge to the band’s smooth electronic sound, and a couple of students even felt bold enough in this atmosphere to crowd surf – or, at least, to attempt to.

The admiration in the room was reciprocated as well, as the lead vocalist Benjamin Giørtz took a few seconds between songs to flatter us by claiming that out of all the universities at which they have performed, we were their favorite. The flattery worked, as we would not accept letting them leave the stage after their final song! Chants of “en gang till!” took over festsalen, and just as the cheers started to fade and the crowd was doubting their return, the band reappeared for an encore performance of their most popular hit “No easy way out.”

At the conclusion of their performance, backup vocalist and synthesizer Elizabeth Wu took out her phone and recorded a video of herself with the cheering crowd, which can now be found on their Facebook page with the caption “Tusen tuuusen takk for oss Samfunnet i Ås! Dere var helt rå!”

This fall the band will be touring various notable cities in Europe, including Paris, Utrecht, and Prague, as well as traveling around here in Norway, playing often in Oslo. We can only hope they had an exciting enough experience in Ås to feel welcome back in the future!





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