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Publisert den 23. oktober, 2015 | av Kristian Haraldsen


ISU’s International Food Festival



During the freedom of fall break, international students were taking no time off and instead were hard at work in their kitchens, preparing dishes form their home countries to share at the International Food Festival. 25 teams in total registered to show off their cooking skills on October 8th in Aud Max. After the doors opened, all students could taste specialties from all over the globe, including Japanese sushi, Mexican burritos, American ice cream sandwiches and so much more. The only frustration was that all in attendance had to choose 3 tables at most to try!

Teams competed for prizes in three categories: best display, best tasting food, and most tickets collected, the first two being decided by a panel of judges helping the ISU. Winning best display was the artistically designed three-course meal prepared by the Italian team “Tricolore”. Attracting the greatest number of visitors with their empanada, Patatas bravas, and Salmorejo was the Spanish team. And, finally, taking home the prize for the best tasting dish was the team from Pakistan!

Participating with a table of my own in this event was just as exciting as it was challenging, and I’m only sad that all teams’ food was simply too delicious for there to be leftovers! The good news, however, is that this food festival will happen again during the spring semester, so keep your eyes open for the announcement of its return!



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